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Attend meets, events, conferences, programmes, etc., that can help you find your audience and market. You can attend as an individual or as part of a team or a delegation. Attending will help you to create better visibility and build the trust that leads to closing a sale.



Sell your products and services in all the channels that ConnectMitra and VartaMitra creates for you. They could be in your own locality, or in a Forum or an Event where you can either find your direct clients or collaborators who can help you find that client of yours.



Just the way you want to sell, you also have purchase needs for your business or family or for a holiday. ConnectMitra’s Membership Card will help you get the best price and discounts for all your purchase needs, much better than what you would find in the open market.



ConnectMitra is not just business, It is also a place to socialize and connect with people in a lighter note. We also want to do something good for the society and your locality. By contributing to the Locality, you get noticed and your clients connect with you much faster.


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