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ConnectMitra being a business network aims to support businesses to increase visibility or generate sales. However, as with any business networks there are some rules of the game that every member or visitor has to adhere to. These rules help manage the decorum of the meetings, activities and events conducted by ConnectMitra system directly or indirectly.

The following are the Rules of Engagement in ConnectMitra as on the date of publication of this document. The rates and activities are subjected to change based on various factors and as decided best for the System. These guidelines shall also be updated on ConnectMitra website from time to time and the latest documentation as on date in the website will be valid. 

We have divided the Guidelines based on various sections such as

  1. Meeting Attendees
  2. Meeting Types and Engagement Activities in them
  3. Participation Activities

Meeting Attendees

There are 6 Kinds of Attendees who participate in various ConnectMitra activities. They are

  1. Visitors: Visitors are business owners who look out for new business and attend our local meets where they introduce themselves in a hope of gaining business for themselves. Visitors network in the Local meets and they are target audience to register them as members.
  2. Members: Members are business owners who have paid the membership fee and attend all activities created by ConnectMitra for the benefit of their business. ConnectMitra aims to provide various channels to generate value for them. Members network with other members to give or get business from them directly or indirectly (via their network)
  3. Invitees: Invitees are Business owners or people who are identified, selected and invited to ConnectMitra meets so that they can help members get business or make connections that could lead into business. Invitees are most times clients or collaborator for the audience in the room. Invitees are generally invited to Forums and Special Events
  4. Influencers: Influencers are well-known and respected people of industry who can influence a sale or an activity of any member or group of members. These are distinguished honorary members of the system who will act as mentors or door openers for members
  5. Guests: Guests are generally audience who come to ConnectMitra organized or participated events who could be potential customers for ConnectMitra or its members. They are generally walk-ins in B2C events or delegates in case of B2B summits
  6. ConnectMitra Personnel:  Employees of ConnectMitra identified to Run, Execute or Market the Meets to people so that other members are benefitted in the system.

Meeting Types and Engagement Activities in them

There are 3 types of meetings that are conducted in ConnectMitra. They are Locality Meets, Forum Meets and Events.

Locality Meets

Locality Meets are meets concentrated at particular location or area for business owners who reside or operate from that area. Initially it could start with one meet possibly at one area/location and extended to multiple locations based on the interest in those locations. The following are the salient features of locality meets.

  • Locality Meets are Entry points for Members to meet visitors who look to be part of ConnectMitra.
  • Each Member shall be associated to the  Locality Chapter which is closest to their official address
  • Each locality chapter will hold 26 meets in a year i.e. once in 2 weeks on a specified day of the week.
  • Member is expected to attend at least 18 of 26 meets i.e. at any year, the member cannot be absent for more than 8 meetings. Form the 9th absenteeism they will automatically cease to be a member. Further on Members cannot be absent for  3 continuous meetings
  • Member must pay a Meeting Fee as set based on place to place. The fee will be calculated based on the total expenses required for running the room. The Meeting fee could range between Rs. 199 to Rs. 499 depending upon the location,  time and  amenities provided by the room including but not limited to marketing the room, snacks, refreshments, etc.,
  • Members must pay meeting fee of all meeting irrespective of if they are present or absent.
  • Members of one locality meet are allowed to attend meets of other localities but they will have to pay the Meeting fees of that meeting too.
  • Visitors can attend only a locality meet freely for the first time and pay the meeting fee in the second meeting. By the third meeting they should make a decision to take up ConnectMitra Membership and attend further meetings. However under the discretion of ConnectMitra, Visitors could be allowed to attend multiple meetings as free or paid entry.
  • Members get benefit of meeting Visitors only in Locality Meetings. Visitors are not welcome in forum meets.

Industry Forum Meets

Industry Forums are a primary place for businesses in a particular industry or businesses who sell to particular industry to come together and collaborate to do business between the members who have chosen to be part of the forum. The Salient points of a Forum meet are

  • Forum Meets shall be held once a month (as a minimum) but could increase on demand
  • Only Meeting Members can be part of the Forum Meets. No Visitors will be entertained in the forums.
  • Meeting Members can be part of any Industry forums if their business belongs to that Industry
  • Meeting Members can also be part of any Industry forums where they have atleast one customer who belongs to that particular industry
  • Forum Meets shall be more structured and more concentrated as all the attendees of the forum meets are either could be a customer for others or could be a collaborator for others
  • ConnectMitra can identify possible businesses/customers and invite them to the forum if they feel that the Other Forum Members could take benefit from these invitees.
  • Any member can choose to be part of the forum meet by attending them once, but once they decide, they should agree to attend 9 of 12 meets arranged for them
  • Member must pay a Meeting Fee as set based on forum to forum. The fee will be calculated based on the total expenses required for running the room. The Meeting fee could range between Rs. 499 to Rs. 999 depending upon the forum, meeting location,  time and  amenities provided by the room.
  • Member should pay the Meeting Fee even if they do not attend.

Note: Industry forums will be started once we have atl east 10 agreeing participants in a particular industry.  The current industry forums planned are

  • Construction, Real Estate & Home Owners
  • Startups, SME & Corporates
  • International Business including Information Technology
  • Education


Events are large gatherings organized to help members meet the audience who could become their potential clients or collaborators. Events could be in the form of Exhibitions, Summits, Conferences, Delegations, etc., where members try to engage with the people in the event to try and evaluate business opportunity with them. The salient features of events in ConnectMitra are

  • Events could be ConnectMitra owned or ConnectMitra Co-Organized or ConnectMitra Participated Events. In events where ConnectMitra is a co-organizer or participated, ConnectMitra Members get special rates for participation.
  • Events are structured into locality based events and industry based events.
    • Locality events are primarily B2C based events to promote businesses in the local areas to meet people of the locality and generate opportunities. The locality events could be either small exhibitions like melas or any charity or community service based events
    • Industry based events are primarily b2b & b2c based events to help businesses of particular industry forum to generate opportunities
  • Members and Non Members can participate in the events, except that Members get a special discount for participation.
  • If the events are not organized by ConnectMitra, then
    • ConnectMitra shall negotiate a better rate on behalf of the member for participation.
    • ConnectMitra may participate in a Capacity of Co-organized, or Put up a pavilion or take a space in the event to promote ConnectMitra and their members.
    • ConnectMitra could arrange for group participation in summits and conferences by pick and choose of members who would greatly be benefited from the event.

Participation Activities

In order to increase participation of members in ConnectMitra as part of the various meetings, ConnectMitra shall introduce various activities by which a member shall gain opportunities or business through the system. The Activities area


Enquiries are leads generated for members via various ConnectMitra Channels. These could be generated directly to the member or as part of group sales on behalf of the forums. The various ways a member could generate enquiries in the ConnectMitra system are

  • Another Member or Visitor in the same locality meet or  participating forum
  • Forum Marketing Consultants as part of group sales of all the forum members
  • ConnectMitra Marketing Teams as part of group sales of all the forum members
  • ConnectMitra organized external Events where member could put up a stall
  • ConnectMitra participated Events where member could put up a stall
  • ConnectMitra  participated Events where ConnectMitra personnel participate
  • Online Promotions on ConnectMitra website and social media channels
  • VartaMitra Listings and promotional activities.

Enquiries could be generated via ConnectMitra Tools or by just word of mouth


Transaction is a form of acknowledging that a member received business via ConnectMitra or from other member. ConnectMitra shall charge a transaction fee as business opportunity fees  for every transaction passed in the system. This fee is to acknowledge that the ConnectMitra system has helped the receiver to get more business via the system. The Transaction Fee shall vary based on type of transaction being charged

  • If a transaction is passed for selling a product, service rendered or any other direct selling activity, then the transaction fee of 1-2% of the total transaction amount will be charged by ConnectMitra
  • If a transaction is passed for receiving commissions i.e. for a sale of real estate, finance and banking activities, etc., or on a low profit margin trade where the profits are less than 5% of the transaction amount, then the transaction fee of 5-8% of the commission amount will be charged.
  • Transactions Fees shall be decided based on the type of business and the activity level being executed. It also depends upon the seller being the manufacturer, dealer or an agent.
  • Transaction Fees are additional to fees or commissions paid by member  to the person generating the business and the amount is set in discussions between the giver and the receiver.

While a transaction is passed and a fee is paid to ConnectMitra; ConnectMitra in turn gives credits to the transferor and transferee credits for having passed the transaction as part of gamification.


ConnectMitra has embedded Gamification into to its system to increase participation of a member in ConnectMitra. Each activity performed by the member can earn credits or lose/redeem credits. Some of the activities where a member could gain or lose credits are as follows

  • 10 Credits added for Attending the Local Meet or Forum Meets
  • Not attending a Meeting will lose 30 credits
  • 10 Credits added for inviting Visitors to a Meet
  • 1000 Credits added when a Visitor (referred by a Member) enrols into  ConnectMitra
  • For Every Rs. 100 Earned by ConnectMitra as Transaction Fee, Passing member receives 10 credits, Receiving Member receives 30 credits and the Member who has referred the Passing Member receives 5 credits.
  • Participation in events will acquire additional credits. The number of credits one shall receive shall be based on the type of Event and the amount of participation in the event.
  • Member can gift credits to other members from their available credit bank
  • Member can purchase additional credits from ConnectMitra within the system.

These credits can also be used for other activities executed in within ConnectMitra such as Meeting Fees, Transaction Fees, Event Participation Fees, Membership Renewal Fees, etc., 

Members also shall be awarded certificates, Mementoes or Trophies to encourage members to participate more in the system.

Charges levied in ConnectMitra System

ConnectMitra levies various charges to a member based on various activities executed.  These are paid by members or visitors or other people who are looking towards participating in ConnectMitra activities. Some of them to list are

  • Membership Fees
    • Our Annual Membership fees is Rs. 12,000 + GST which offers basic Membership details
    • However we also have a premium membership fees which provides you with additional details. You can contact us for knowing the details of the Premium Membership fees and the offerings of the same.
  • Meeting Fees: Each meeting or training has fees that the members have to pay. Member has to pay for
    • All Locality meetings irrespective of if they attend or not i.e Payment shall be collected for all meetings the member attends.
    • All Forum Meets have to be paid fully only if they choose to be in that forum i.e for 12 meets in a year. If member is part of multiple forums, then full payment has to be made for all meetings of all forums.
    • Other meets, event or programmes are on requirement basis and shall be charged only if they attend them.
  • Visitor Meeting Fees
    • Visitor pay the same Meeting Fees same as that of member. (ConnectMitra can choose to waive off the meeting fees for visitor)
  • Invitees, Guests, Influencers and ConnectMitra personnel do not pay Meeting Fees
  • Promotional Fees shall be applied if any promotional activities are executed for a member exclusively or as part of group promotions where the member is also promoted as part of the offering.
  • For any transaction recorded in ConnectMitra, Members who have received the payment shall have to pay 1-2% of transaction amount as business opportunity fees to ConnectMitra or 5-8% of the commission received. The percentage shall vary based on the type of business, industry, activity executed and other parameters.
  • If any member chooses to participate in any event, conference, programme, delegation, visits, etc., conducted or participated by ConnectMitra then based on type of participation, the necessary fees shall be levied to the member.
  • If any member would like to purchase credits to add to their credit bank they will have to pay based on necessary calculation. The current exchange rates are as follows
    • 100 Credits are sold by ConnectMitra at a rate of Rs. 125
    • 100 Credits are redeemed at a rate of Rs. 80
    • The exchange includes GST, service and other payment and transaction fees.

Note: Many of the fees can also be redeemed by use of credits available in the member’s credit bank. But the number of credits redeemed will be higher than the actual amount charged to consider GST, Service and other Payment and Transactions fees where applicable.


Members could lose their membership status for various reasons including but not limited to

  • Members chose not to renew their membership after completion of their one year term
  • Members do not agree to pay the prescribed membership fees for the Locality Meets or Industry Meets
  • Members are absent for  3 continuous meetings
  • Members are absent for more than 8 locality meets or 3 forum meets
  • Member do not provide products or services to the accepted level where the business has been gained by them via ConnectMitra System
  • Members do not meet the conduct and ethical standards of the ConnectMitra System
  • ConnectMitra Chooses to discontinue any member from membership for any reason the system chooses to be fair.

Upon Termination member loses all benefits, credits earned and entry to all meets, programmes and events. Any fees paid up until termination shall not be returned or redeemed.

Technology Offerings

ConnectMitra shall use the technology for the best of its ability. Members are given enough technology support towards both Marketing their offerings as well as for process and documentation of their activities within ConnectMitra. Some of the technology offerings towards members are as follows

Marketing Solutions

  1. One listing of the business, and their products / services in ConnectMitra Listing Website
  2. One listing of the business, and their products / services in ConnectMitra Member Mobile App
  3. One Ad Page for the business in VartaMitra English Website
  4. One month Free Classified Ad in VartaMitra Website (English or Kannada)

Process and Documentation Solutions

  1. Activity Management Solution to document all enquiries, credits, transactions closed, visitors, etc.,
  2. Internal listing solutions to find partners, collaborators and connect with other ConnectMitra members

Note: The Technology Offerings shall be launched one by one based on the number of members enrolled to the system.

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