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Connect Mitra Sub Systems

These sub-systems are created to bring businesses of particular industry to come together and jointly execute activities for a single client.

Housing Mitra

We offer a Quality, Economical and Cost-Effective Housing Solution to make your dream house happen

Benefits Businesses who are in Construction Industry or targets Builders/Developers or Home Owners


India TIES

We Connect Businesses between India and the World in the areas of Tourism, Trade (Import/Export), Investments, Services, Education, Technology & Innovation.

Benefits Businesses who are into International Business or targets Startups, MSMEs, SMEs, Corporates or International Business



We help provide institutions support in the areas of campus to corporates activities, study abroad programmes, skill development, Job placements. We also support Educational Institutions with various vendor requirements.

Benefits Businesses who are in Education Industry or targets Schools, Colleges or Training Institutes


Savayava Mitra

Savayavamitra is an online store for organic foods, domestic/house hold items and products made out of panchagavya. We directly tend from farmers and eliminate the need for middlemen. Hence our products are cost effective, healthy and fresh.

Benefits All people who want a better and healthy food products


Wedding Mitra

We provide you end to end wedding requirements right from purchases towards wedding, Wedding locations identification, vendor requirements for wedding, honeymoon travel, gifts, etc.,

Benefits Businesses who are in the Wedding Industry and want to target people for Wedding and other events.


Events Mitra

We organize various events for various businesses, corporates, activities etc., for Individuals, Corporates, Industry Forums as well as for Government Bodies.

Benefits Businesses who are in Events Related Industry and targets all businesses for Events Related activities


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